Alkaline Water

acidalkaline1. Alkaline water is water with a ph of 8.5 or higher, commonly of a 9.5ph.

2. Alkaline Water is water that goes through charged platinum covered titanium plates which creates the water to split into two waters; acid, and alkaline.

3. Water that goes through the ionizing process delivers a water that has a high ph and an extremely negative ORP. (Oxidation Reduction Potential)

4. Ionized water creates one of the lowest anti-oxidants that someone can find. Depending on the ionizer, water can get to a negative 800 which is 7 times higher than green tea anti-oxidant wise.

5. Sickness strives in an acidic state.  Acidic products are things like, bread, alcohol, soda, and bottled water.

6. Alkaline water is common in countries like Japan where Enagic’s Kangen water originated. 1in 5 households in Japan drink alkalized water.  Water ionizers are in Japanese hospitals and are considered a medical device.

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